For long, we have wondered: why do most small businesses fail?

It would seem that in a world where the barriers to entry for businesses have been quashed by the rapid acceleration of digital marketing and social media, anyone with a good idea can succeed. 

Yet, very few do.

Is that because small businesses simply don’t have good ideas?

We don’t think so.


We believe that digital marketing has failed small business: it has pushed them out of the way in its search for fame, and has substituted the grit of its rigour, with the sheen of its novelty. 

So, when we set out to build a small marketing agency, we wanted it to be precisely that: small.


A small agency, that can work with small teams and smaller budgets; that can work directly with business owners, and not just marketing teams; that is accessible, efficient, and honest, and can explain what it all means.


The Invisible Paintbrush

Coming Soon.