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Nikunj Agarwal

Strategy, Planning & Management

Nikunj is a curious cat, proud nerd, and the co-founder of The Invisible Paintbrush. In the past, Nikunj has led strategic interventions for brands like Smirnoff, LinkedIn, MakeMyTrip and others, and has worked with multiple start-ups and small businesses, before setting up The Invisible Paintbrush, as a small agency for small businesses. Currently, he leads all things strategy and management, and can be found mentoring small business owners in his free time!


Gurkamal Teja


Gurkamal is a versatile designer, visual thinker and co-founder of The Invisible Paintbrush. He holds considerable design experiences, both in an agency environment as well as an independent designer, and his work has often received national and international awards and accolades. Gurkamal brings over 5 years of experience to the table, and leads all things design at The Invisible Paintbrush.

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Kopal Mukim

Content & Brand Strategy

Kopal is a creative thinker and voracious writer, who holds considerable experience in managing the social presence of brands. In the past, she has led the social presence for brands like FeviCreate and Som Beverages, apart from having mentored young content creators and small businesses. Currently, Kopal leads the social media team at The Invisible Paintbrush.

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Saurabh Lokhande

Content & Brand Strategy

Saurabh is a recent graduate from the Xavierʼs Institute of Communication, having completed a PGDM in Advertising & Marketing. In the past, he has worked with brands like BookMyShow, Josh Talks and Pierre Cardin. Saurabh is currently responsible for creative strategy and brand planning at The Invisible Paintbrush.


Priyanka Sutaria

Creative Director

Priyanka is an award-nominated poet, an educator & curriculum developer, and a pasta enthusiast! She holds an MA in Creative Writing, and many years of experience in all things content, community, and creative. In her previous role, Priyanka led community content and programs for Kool Kanya, before starting her own creative writing education platform. At Invisible, Priyanka is responsible for leading creative and content for key accounts.


Samiksha Bhaiya

Social Media Lead

Samiksha is a liberal arts graduate, from the Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts, where she studied media, psychology, and business. She is an expert in consumer behaviour and market research, and holds just under 3 years of experience working with brands and media platforms. At Invisible, Samiksha is responsible for leading social media for our partner brands, across content, creative, and strategy.


Anushka Shrivastava

Senior Designer

Anushka is a self-taught designer, artist, and illustrator, who started drawing even before she could hold a pencil! She holds over 3 years of experience as a graphic designer and art director, spanning the entire spectrum of brands and agencies. At Invisible, Anushka leads art & design, and is responsible for executing key projects, apart from helping mentor the larger design team.

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